This series of portrait represents my experiences of seeing and being with people in my everyday life. People from different cultures, races and social background. The shapes and expressions on their faces, as well as the colors I see emitting from their individual selves sparks my imagination.

Through colors and shapes I have attempted to convey an impression of each individual, sometimes using my own self as a model responding to them – how I feel, how I see, how they express – creatively giving birth to them. My creative process is instinctive and for me is like a spiritual journey. The basis of my work is freedom – openness and acceptance of what is to become alive. Beauty is my destiny. Harmony is where I start.

“I do not literally paint that face, but the emotion it produces upon me.”



Vista | Oil paste/paper | 8 1/2 x 11 IN. | $500.00

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Contant MC

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