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marcela-carvalhoMarcela Carvalho was born in Minas Gerais Brazil where her deft ability in portraying emotion through visual art emerged soon after studying at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music following a move to New York in 1986, where she studied piano at the Manhattan School of Music. Her early love for children subsequently became evident with an opportunity to perform with The City Kids Foundation within the New York City Public School system with a show piece called “The Psychology of Ecology.” A string of musical performances involving children soon brought about the opportunity to perform at the 25th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival which secured her membership at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). A later apprenticeship at the SuperMud Pottery studio followed by an educational appointment at The Clay Hand Gallery where Marcela taught ceramics brought her to a more meaningful understanding of nature’s elements and their impact on human psychology.

In 2009 with exhibition called Sewing the Roses the artist produced a body of work portrayed women from different backgrounds and cultures who chose freedom from manipulation and control by their partners over oppression, with the support of Sanctuary for Families.org, Northern Manhattan Improvement Corp., VIP Mujeres.org and Harlem Arts Alliance.

workingIn 2011 Marcela joined two organizations: BEA – Brazilian Endowment for the Arts and Literature in New York City where this artist’s works and book titled Three Sisters, Three Weddings and One Dress were showcased, and CHALK.org with goals to reduce over time the prevalence of childhood obesity and its related morbidity in Northern Manhattan (with a focus on school aged children), and to promote a culture and create an environment in which healthy lifestyles are integral to the lives of all children. Marcela is proud to contribute in this initiative to keep children healthy and happy by removing borders to creative expression through the work of collaborative art. With a solid educational background effectively in place, Marcela is open to opportunities to produce artwork and projects on a grander scale. She has a line of greeting cards and is launching a hand painted bag this fall. Marcela lives and works in NYC with frequent visits to Brazil and Europe for inspiration.


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